EC30 – The People

The Manager

Sharon Doucy joined the staff at EC30 not long after the centre opened. Originally responsible for staffing and running the Coffee Shop, Sharon has now taken on the running of the whole centre and manages all the room bookings. She liaises with the multiple and various organisations who have discovered EC30 and want to use the facilities. This has given her a wide overview of all the activities that take place which is an ideal way to discover what the local community needs to best support their wellbeing.


Behind Your Latte

The Volunteers

EC30 was established with a clear vision and intention to be a community project serving the whole local population, whatever age, stage of life or need.

It was established to be a welcoming social space for individuals, friends, groups or families.

It was established with beautifully refurbished rentable rooms that can be hired for competitive rates to offer any project/service/therapy that aligns with the centre’s ethos to support community wellbeing.

It was established to offer volunteering opportunities.

 The volunteers are the beating heart of EC30 and without them, this project would not exist. The opportunity to volunteer is one of the recommended pillars of The Five Ways to Wellbeing and many of the people who volunteer at EC30 are able to testify to this. Volunteer sessions can be completely flexible, they can be longer or shorter sessions and tailored to age/ability/time constraints. There is a small amount of training to ensure that everyone feels safe and supported but it is not either intrusive or onerous.

Do revisit this page from time to time to find out what the volunteers have to say about their experiences.


 “I have met and volunteer with an amazing group of talented volunteers from diverse backgrounds (and) learnt so much about what Tenterden has to offer its community (and what it needs)”
– A Volunteer